The Vineyard


The quality of a Muscadine wine is directly dependent on the quality on the stock. Cypress Bend Vineyards selected from among 300 cultivars, settling finally on the five which would yield the right combinations of productivity and flavor.


Carlos is a North Carolina native, vigorous and highly productive, identifiable by its clusters of bronze-colored fruit. Contrast these with the deep red grapes of Noble, another prolific producer. Doreen produces a bright green grape with a distinctive, slightly elongated shape. Magnolia is another vigorous vine yielding large quantities of bronze-colored berries. And finally, Triumph is a Georgia native with a slight reddish blush on its skin which has adapted quite well to North Carolina.



We asked ourselves what sort of place we’d prefer in which to sample the state’s premium Muscadine wines. Turns out the answer was, like our vineyards, bright, airy and comfortable. And graced with a spirit of hospitality.


We invite you to join us here and enjoy the view of the earth’s bounty with a glass and a plate of fine cheese. Or, select a gift for a relative or friend from our adjacent boutique.